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Dialog Project requires a 45 minute minimum time slot to perform at events or venues. A 45 minute set consists of 7 original songs. They can do two 45 minute sets of the same song list with a 15 minute break between sets as well.
The song list of original songs:
Brink of Time
I Am You
Flute Song
Eternal Moment
Eyes of Truth
Color Coordinates

$200-45 minutes to $500-90 minutes

Dialog Project Jazz Fusion Band is comprised of talented musicians with various musical backgrounds that compose original music, to engage the listener on a musical journey of imagery and imagination.

Performance Fee Range

Dialog Project Jazz Fusion Band is comprised of seasoned and talented musicians that will provide the listener with a stimulating listening experience. The music has twists and turns throughout every song, keeping the listener engaged in anticipation for what's coming up around the corner as the song plays out. They all have individual looks and showmanship that provides the professional stage presence expected by paying fans that attend their shows. They adjust their original music playlist to the particular event they are performing to enhance the event or venue experience.‚Äč

San Diego Music Award Nominee Dialog Project formed in 2010 as a Jazz Rock Fusion Band, and has enjoyed a few different personnel and genre changes over the years Prog, Fusion with the final incarnation resulting in the current Jazz Fusion genre. The members of Dialog Project consist of artists with different genre backgrounds including Hip-Hop Soul, Electronica, Bebop Jazz and Jazz/Rock/Fusion. The founder and main composer is guitarist James Fusionfingers, a name he was given many years ago that stuck, has been compared to Al Dimeola, Allan Holdsworth, Joe Satriani and Pat Metheney. Dialog Project mission statement is to bring musicians of different musical backgrounds together to add their flavor and spin on original compositions written by James Fusionfingers. The result of this collaboration enhances the compositions with diversity, energy and imagery that makes Dialog Project the unique band that fans have come to expect and appreciate.

With the transformation of Jazz from Big Band, Bebop, to the Miles Davis and John Coltrane's sound explorations to the Jazz Fusion sounds of Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return To Forever and Weather Report in the 70's led James Fusionfingers to create a music format to honor and keep those pioneering elements alive and current in an age of digital pop formula artist that have blurred the roots of Jazz Fusion music into a fog of obscurity.
Dialog Project Jazz Fusion Band hopes to clear the fog and engage the listener of those days and new listeners of today to appreciate original music that is about improvisation, the dialog within a song and freedom of thought on a journey of imagery and imagination.

Dialog Project Jazz Fusion Band

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Dialog Project Jazz Fusion Band